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NightMarred NightMarred 13 September

Suggested/Potential Pages for Inclusion in My Chem Wikia

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Last Update: 13 September 2021 ["Question" columns left blank if tasks not completed.]
Page Topic
Page Created?
Page Formatted?
Page Up To Date?
Various Frank Iero bands (include all bands on one page) (13 Sep 21)

Including all of the necessary information for every F+ band would make the Frank page incredibly long and potentially difficult to navigate/edit. If, after its creation, the separate F+ page ends up causing confusion, it can always be merged with the existing "Frank Iero" page.
2019 "Return" events including: 10/31/2019 announcement, "A Summoning..." video, "An Offering" video, sigil clues, Shrine show, and tour announcement (13 Sep 21)

General inf…

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GloryBringerFireFly GloryBringerFireFly 10 June 2020

Who else thinks that Rowan is just the cutest lil girl ever???

I mean, come on! She's adorable!

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SGEsuperfan SGEsuperfan 25 April 2020

Hi, send memes

I was loooking for good MCR memes, anybody have any? Thx

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DemolitionLover19 DemolitionLover19 8 April 2020


Is anybody even active on this wiki at all whatsoever? If you are, respond i guess? I'm just a lonely killjoy stuck in quarentine :(

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TheKobraKid TheKobraKid 16 May 2012

MCR Wiki!

I just joined this wiki and I already think it is awesome. It has taught me everything I could ever want to know about MCR. I am also obsessed with MCR. I am a Killjoy and a soldier in The MCRmy.

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Teamemmet Teamemmet 21 September 2011

They know me so well...

My whole family pretty much knows that I am a killjoy and that I'm obsessed with My Chem. For example whenver they hear the words My and Chemical and Romance all in one sentence they immediatly call me down to check it out. And just now that has happened, my dad was flicking through the channels and saw MCR doing a show (but not live because their ex-drummer was still there) so I ran down to watch i and they were just singing Sing (LOL) then right at the end when Gerard went to get a drink before they sang Vampire Money I saw a picture of the one and only Bandit Lee Way! Here's a picture to show you, (sorry it's not that easy to see the picture was facing the other way)

I thought it was so sweet!! Tell me what you think or have you seen it …

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Akira-otomo Akira-otomo 19 February 2011

Traffic Report: 19 February 2011

Nearly two months into my quest of rejuvenation, we are about three percent through all of the tasks I have set out. We have started adding useful templates and making a singular theme for the site so that we have a continuous tone throughout the wiki. We are also starting to rewrite articles that need sources, citations and images. Despite our conquering of some tasks, we still have quite a long way to go; but don't lose faith! Our determination must match the task at hand!

In two months, I'll have another update for you.

Until then, Daniel Fair × Talk to me 15:40, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

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