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Lindsey Ann Way (birth name Ballato; born May 21st, 1976) commonly known as Lyn-Z, is an Scottish musician , who is the current bassist for the electropunk band, "Mindless Self Indulgence". She is also an artist. She’s the wife of My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way and the mother of their daughter, Bandit.


Way was born in Dunoon, Scotland, but moved to the US when she was around five. Some sources say she lived in Connecticut, while others say Tennessee. It is very possible that she first lived in one, and then moved to the other. In 1993 (age 17), she moved to Brooklyn, New York, to attend the Pratt Institute. She majored in Fine Art and Illustration.

In 2001, she auditioned to be the bassist of electropunk band Mindless Self Indulgence after the departure of original bassist Vanessa Y.T., who left the band (on good terms) to become an astronaut. She had only picked up the bass around 2 weeks before the audition. During her audition, she spat a mouth full of alcohol and lit it on fire. She passed the audition and was accepted into Mindless Self Indulgence.

She is very well known for her high-energy during performances, regularly stage diving. Her signature move is a backbend. Her signature look is a miniskirt, greasy pigtails, and red lips.

Personal Life

My Chemical Romance and Mindless Self Indulgence had played a show together in 2003, but both Gerard and Lindsey weren’t really in relationships at the time.

Lindsey began dating Gerard Way in 2007, when both of their bands played in Linkin park's music festival Projekt Revolution. The two married September 3, 2007, at the backstage of one of their shows.

On May 27th, 2009, Way gave birth to their only child, a daughter named Bandit Lee Way.

The Ways also have 2 cats, named Mitch and Lotion.

In 2019, she and Bandit attended the My Chemical Romance Reunion show in Los Angeles.

She is an open sapphic (wlw), once tweeting, "My first love was a woman. My first serious relationship was with a woman and so was my first long term relationship...❤"

She also has a number of controversies, including ones that involve her family, Jessicka from Jack Off Jill, and more.[1]