My Chemical Romance are an alternative rock band from New Jersey, USA, and this wiki is all about them. The aim of the My Chemical Romance Wiki is to make an accessible resource for all that are interested in the band and want to learn more about them. On this wiki, you will be able to find news, images and most importantly information on the band, their songs and albums and their history. They are powerful and can save lives.

Of course, this is a wiki, so you can help out! If you like My Chemical Romance, you are knowledgeable on them or would like to meet a community of My Chem fanatics like yourself, then make an account and say hello; here we have forums for you to discuss MCR and if you have any good, copyright-free images you could give us, upload 'em and stick 'em in a page - the more we have, the better! There are loads of ways you can contribute, so get involved!

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