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18 May 2022: Universal theme has been updated to use Foundations of Decay cover art as site background. Favicon has been changed using the abbreviated logo image uploaded to official band Facebook. If any visual accessibility problems are noticed feel free to reach out. I'm hoping to update the main page layout with new publicity photos as well as implement a more easily read column format. Many thanks to Wikigurl2017 for generating a new page for Foundations of Decay as well as uploading and updating new live pictures of the band. NM

2 March 2022: Well, that's embarrassing... Almost immediately after putting in my hours last September, circumstances became very unpleasant in my life. I've been able to access proper Wi-Fi for the first time this week; first thing I'll be working on is deleting the pages in the Candidates for Deletion category, the completion of which will be documented in the Talk Page for that category. I know some major announcements were released while I was unavailable, and I hope to generate pages/entries for those after this round of deletions is complete. Also desperately looking to reformat the Landing/Home Page for the Wiki, which is out of date to say the least. Want to thank everyone who generated positive edits, and especially user DesignerTayTay for taking the time to post on my Talk Page, the effort is greatly appreciated. Anyone is welcome to leave an entry on my Talk Page if needed and I'll respond as soon as possible. NM

September 2021: Back from a 10 year hiatus with plans to stick around. As a proper adult now I'm less Terminally Online than I was in 2011 so I may miss or misunderstand whatever memes y'all are throwing around on the socials. My Chem fans new and old deserve to have an accurate, accessible, and comprehensive Wiki; I'll try to do what I can to make that happen.

I know a great deal has changed in recent years, and while I hope to include a sense of humor on parts of this Wiki, it may have to be grouped separately from more serious information. Furthermore, these pages and the Fandom/Wikia interface are not optimised to handle major discussions or discourse. As I appear to be the only active user with Bureaucrat privileges (though I hope there will be/to create more soon) I'll only be able to change or improve a limited amount of pages in the near future. I'm not interested in gaining followers or having a callout doc written about me; if a substantial issue needs to be addressed feel free to leave a message and we can work to resolve it. NM

Last Update: 2 March 2022 ["Question" columns left blank if tasks not completed.]
Page Topic Page Created? Page Formatted? Page Up To Date? Details/Comments
Tour/Festival Activity (tentative 2022 performances) Generate article dedicated to all live shows/performances scheduled to occur during 2022. Include recent festival announcements as well as previously rescheduled RETURN tour dates. Possible month-by-month sectioning (heading for each month) with bulleted list or table, include specific date and location of each performance. Notable events (and maybe setlist) during respective performances can be included in a short description of the show. Generate separate section in article for festival performances but include festival date/location in month-by-month timeline. Generate "2022 Live Performance" category to which "performance timeline", "festival shows", and any notable tour dates can be linked.
Various Frank Iero bands (include all bands on one page) (13 Sep 21) Including all of the necessary information for every F+ band would make the Frank page incredibly long and potentially difficult to navigate/edit. If, after its creation, the separate F+ page ends up causing confusion, it can always be merged with the existing "Frank Iero" page.
2019 "Return" events including: 10/31/2019 announcement, "A Summoning..." video, "An Offering" video, sigil clues, Shrine show, and tour announcement (13 Sep 21) General info regarding the reunion announcement, Shrine show, and tour announcement can be linked/referred to on the "My Chemical Romance" page. Obviously this was an important event and though there may not be much in the way of objective information, the various pieces of media and general reaction should be documented.
Merchandise and merch collaborations (13 Sep 21) First of all, My Chem merch fuckin' slaps so jot that down. Second, an incredibly detailed, fan-generated archive of MCR clothing merchandise was recently made public. Third, within the past two years a few brands have released officially licensed MCR-themed products (Hipdot Cosmetics, Oxford Pennant, Funko Pop, etc.) and we can safely expect more to come in the future.
Expand Umbrella Academy information (13 Sep 21) Not necessarily passionate about this one. Perhaps the best course of action would be to edit the existing "Apocalypse Suite" page to create a comprehensive record, with a link to the Umbrella Academy Wikia page.
Expand official band website page (13 Sep 21) A fan announced on Tumblr recently that they had rescued the Revenge-era Flash games. Danger Days-era TV device should be documented, as well as band member blog posts. The Internet Archive can be utilised to capture screenshots and visual examples.
Fan forums including but not limited to "", "", "", Street Team sites, and official band website. Also maybe The Immortality Project? ) (13 Sep 21) Could be tough to retrieve and document. Before beginning, reference Internet Archive to see if contemporary pages had been crawled/captured.